Welcome to Celebration City

Hi Y’all! If you are coming to Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County for the Total Solar Eclipse, welcome!

While some counties in Texas have issued disaster declarations ahead of the eclipse, we are setting out the welcome mat. We invite you to Celebrate on the Centerline at Sulphur Springs, nicknamed Celebration City. There’s no better place to be!

As you make preparations, we will ask that you bring cash, not just debit/credit cards. While we have been preparing for this great celestial event for two years, we know that our wifi systems could be overloaded so paying with cards may not be available at some point. Also, some of our parking locations are dealing in cash only.

We ask that you respect the property rights of those who wish for you not to park at their locations, but we have many sites that will be open for parking. Our restaurants and retail shops are as prepared as they can be for your arrival, so please enjoy our amenities and hospitality.

Also, please tag us on social media on any photos you post. We would love to share your experience in our city through photos and videos.

We hope that you will enjoy your eclipse stay and will return in the future. Thanks for Celebrating on the Centerline!

Eclipse Team
Author: Eclipse Team

11 Replies to “Welcome to Celebration City”

    1. Thanks for thinking of Sulphur Springs! There will be free parking downtown, though it will go quickly, as well as paid parking at various sites around town. Check out the “Viewing Location” tab on the website for more information. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

      1. What website? We cannot find the viewing location tab and would love more info on what to expect when we drive in tomorrow

        1. The website is TotalEclipseSSTX.com. On the home page, there is a tab called “Plan Your Trip”. The drop down menu has options for viewing locations, restaurants, retail, etc. So you can click through them to find what you’re looking for. Thanks for choosing Sulphur Springs.

  1. We are flying into your fantastic Sulphur Springs airport, so we won’t be a burden on your roads, or other infrastructure. Let’s hope for clear-ish skies!!!

    1. Thanks for coming to Sulphur Springs to celebrate with us! Our local meterologist is predicting high clouds with the rain holding off until late afternoon or early evening.

  2. We’re excited to be here. We got a tiny house rented at the last minute. Thanks for posting available lodging on your site.

  3. If we are in your lovely downtown during the eclipse, will the streetlights come on automatically during totality? We’d like to avoid extra light if possible.

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